Tipu Sultans Summer Palace: Abode of Happiness and Envy of Heaven

Harking back to the 1700 A.D stands in the heart of the city Bangalore, The Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan. Withstanding the wrath of time this bitsy palace of the king which he used to hold his affairs of state, enthralls you with its aesthetical architecture.

With an utterly humble built up (mostly of wood, mortar, stone and plaster) this palace appears to be a huge pavilion. However on the inside, its a complete two-storied building with an ample ventilation from all the sides. A fan of arches and Indo-Islamic architecture I instantly fell for the high rising pillars and the wooden deck. On the central base is an enclosed area which is now a museum that preserves the paintings of the palace and gives a few insights into Sultans life.

It is not hard to imagine the palace back when it was freshly built in the 1790s when the intricately crafted motifs were untouched and charmed the palace walls with their vibrancy.
But 200 years down the lane from then, you have really got to have an eye for details to be able to find them and-and be astounded that they are everywhere.

With only a meager amount of Rs. 15 and no extra charges for photos, it makes a perfect spot for a pre-wedding/portfolio shoot or an insta-meet . The worn down rustic look is a huge attraction for a photographer of an offbeat taste. Make sure you pick  a weekday to avoid fellow visitors in your frame. Same goes for the ones looking a spot for a pre wedding shoot in Bangalore.

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