The story of Bharucha Mansion



Regal Building, the distinctive colonial mansion structure in the heart of Jamshedpurpur, has graced the Steel City for 80 years now. Once what housed the iconic Regal Talkies now is facing the wrath of modernization. Erected by Khurshed Maneckji Bharucha in 1935, the first Indian Chief cashier at Tata Steel, the structure has a one of a kind polygonal engineering and plan.


  • This colonial building was made of leftover steel from Howrah Bridge.
  • No cement was used for the construction of this mansion. A mixture of jaggery, lime and brick were used for plaster. Surgi, a kind of soil, was used as the top layer. You still cannot hammer a nail into the walls.
  • Bharucha intended the outstation Parsi youths who came to work in Tata Steel to stay at the building.

A few years ago, Bharucha’s daughters sold Regal Talkies portion to a couple of city businessmen. However, the die-hards are lamenting at the construction that bears no resemblance to the colonial structure, which is not only unique but also forms the skyline of the city. Bharucha Mansion to Jamshedpur is what Victoria Memorial is to Kolkatta and hence should stay as it is.

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