Photo Story on Russel Market

The story of my close to a weird obsession with Russel Market. Read the complete blog on Russel Market here.

Russell Market, is one of Bangalore’s oldest markets and also the most comprehensive place to shop for everything fresh — vegetables, meat, flowers and fruit. It was started by the British in the early 1900s as the central grocery spot and hasn’t lost its color one bit, since then.
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Pinch me moments in Goa through my 18-140mm

It has been over two years but the land of the Hippies, Goa still strikes a chord with me. That’s a big deal for an ardent mountain lover like me. Sometimes I even feel I am being disloyal to them :”D. Goa took me by awe with its hinterlands and the characteristic Portugal charm which is still unaltered. Although the mainstream beaches aren’t what I would be very keen on revisiting but the few chance discoveries which have managed to capture though my lenses are what always thrive on my travel plans. Long weekend? Goa it is !!!!

Needless to say, its the kind of place that keeps you longing for more. This blog is a few pictures that still give me an instant surge of adrenaline (the wanderlust kind).

Why don’t you take a look for yourself ūüôā

Tell me what enticed you the most about Goa!

Living Like a Local in Wayanad


A three-day stay at ¬†Jincy‚Äôs in Wayanad has taught me a lot not just about this place but also the people and how close they embrace their rich culture. But what strum the chords of my mind the strongest is the ‚Äėlarger than life‚Äô way of living. They do not exaggerate when they so proudly call Kerala ‚ÄúGods Own Country‚ÄĚ because there‚Äôs a little piece of God in everyone‚Äôs heart I met there. Say for instance this gentleman who was in the middle of his daily chore of fetching coconuts from the tree when he, with a welcoming smile, paused for my ¬†picture.

Our drive from Bangalore began around 4:30 in the morning. Although most of the journey we were  fast asleep however the morning glory of the sun brought us some beautiful surprises along out way . As we drove trough the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve, we chanced upon some beautiful deer and also a peacock.

As soon as we crossed the state borders, Pratish, Jinny’s husband introduced us to a tiny bridge that literally was built by the Britishers overnight. Thanks to Pratish that he let the bizarre facts coming in till we finally discovered a spectacular stream that flew by the road.  Not being able to withstand the rush of adrenaline we jumped into the water that very moment and caught quite a few glimpses of kids fishing and playing in the water. Although none of our mates was camera friendly.

A gang of village boys was trying to swim with a log of wood

After a pleasant drive alternating through the dense forests and infinity stretching paddy fields we finally reached Jincy’s. We had just begun to let the beauty of the house sink in when Aunty got us some freshly prepared  kashayam using krapooravalli (carom) leaves just plucked from her backyard. Let me tell you! They work magic on your sore throats in no time at all.

Jincy took me for a short walk through her garden and the plantations in her backyard. Boy! I was taken aback. There was no single spice they have missed on. Starting from pepper, cardamom, cinnamon to even vanilla and cocoa they have it all and right in their backyard. I even had a chance to taste some mulberry from the tree before the silkworms could.

The traditional built of houses in Kerala are quite a catch. The peculiar wooden hedge and the tiled roofs with a triangular arch are enough to make a Keralan house stand out distinctly.

We spent one evening rowing through the Kabini river on a snake boat. And this authentically absolute Kerala experience was topped with some drizzles only to add to the awesomeness quotient of that moment.  If your eyes are aching for something that they have never seen before, Wayanad is the place. Get over the tea estates I witnessed acres of the ginger farm. And trust me they were spectacular!


We also had visited the Kalaphuza Reservoir which happens to be one of the largest earth dams in India. Surrounded by lush green patches of land around this place was a sheer delight and watching the sun go down behind the feral weeds that surrounded the reservoir was divine.


Talking about the food! Wayanad is the food heaven for every foodie especially the nonvegetarians. We began our day with chicken cooked on chulaah and ended it with lip-smacking fish curry every single day.

Such a bliss to watch your food being cooked in the traditional Indian style Chulaah

What more could one have asked for¬†from a weekend get away? Living like a local is every traveller’s dream and I had it come true in the most scenic of the places in the country. I don‚Äôt know how to thank Jincy and Pratish enough for introducing us to this bucolic bliss. Kerala has definitely won over me but the countryside living is what has got me weak on my knees.