Photo Story on Russel Market

The story of my close to a weird obsession with Russel Market. Read the complete blog on Russel Market here.

Russell Market, is one of Bangalore’s oldest markets and also the most comprehensive place to shop for everything fresh — vegetables, meat, flowers and fruit. It was started by the British in the early 1900s as the central grocery spot and hasn’t lost its color one bit, since then.
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Homestays in Kochi : A Major Dreamy Affair

A quick read trough Google about Kochin suggest that the port harks back to 1341 and Fort Kochi bears the testimony to it. Nothing explains what happens when multiple cultures blend together like this costal town of Kerala does. An unplanned arrival at this city in December surprised me in the most euphoric ways and I can’t wait to share my stories.

The window period between the New Years and Christmas is when Fort Kochi is at its most vibrant self. There is no single street spared from the zealous preparation that the inhabitants are indulged in. And trust me my little knowledge with camera wasn’t enough to capture the joy that I experienced while paddling my way through the streets.

Hugely decorated streets of Fort Kochi during Christmas

Deciding where to stay in Fort Kochi could be cumbersome, not because there aren’t enough places to stay but because you would be overwhelmed with the array of options available. Zoom into Google maps on Fort Kochi and you will know that every house here is converted into a homestays. Doesn’t that say enough about how welcoming this place is?

I began my hunt from the Sea Hut which is a beautiful ancestral house converted into a homestay.  Still retaining its vintage charm, the sea hut is right on the shores and gives you the freedom to watch the sun sink down the sea at the horizon while you swing in the hammock in the backyard. Around 4kms away from the chaos of Fort Kochi, this place should be darling muse  for any traveller in search of the most tranquility. Then came Reds Residency which is again a blend of a british interiors nested in an ancestral kerala house. The beautiful patio was the catch 😉 

Reeds Residency, Fort Kochin

However, we finally decided upon Chiramel Residency which was just a short walk away from the beach and local market.

Chiramel Residency, Fort Kochi

Resting right next to the Bernards Bungalow on Parade Road ,  Chiramel lies more on the humble side when it comes to exhibiting grandeur in architecture. It is a cute Portugal ancestral house with an open quadrangle in the centre of the house and furnitures from the ancient times.

Breakfasting the English way

Comfy rooms, warm welcome, great breakfast, heavy tasting coffee and beautiful smiles Chiramel has all of these in abundance with a topping of love and care that would make you want you to come back again.

Talking of homestays it would be a crime not mentioning the ancient (literally) Bernards Bungalow.

Bernards Bungalow, Fort Kochi

Discovering the age of this excusite heritage home, came to me as a shocker. Bernards Bungalow has been gracefully standing tall for over 350 years.

Ready to give you the colonial feel and spoil you with its aura, this homestays flaunts an exorbitantly dreamy interior with tall windows, antique furniture, lace curtains and a high rise roof with wooden ceiling. Every thing here simply takes you back to the 17th century.

World inside Bernard’s Bungalow is nothing like the usual

Kochi has indeed made a place in my heart forever and these homestays which happen to be the finest in the country are hugely responsible for that. There is no way I could not think of making a dedicated post for them.