Coorg: A Place with Poetry Etched into Every Inch of It

Like any other tourist attraction, Coorg is also adorned with dozens of places to see. Not all of them fit into the list of a true experience seeker. I have made a list of most likely ‘never been to, never done before’ experiences in Madikeri which I am sure you won’t regret.

Most of the attractions in Madikeri are situated quite far from each other. It takes a great deal of time energy to cover them all. But make sure you do not miss out on these few.

  • Swing into the 17th century at the Madikeri Fort. Situated in the heart of the Madikeri town, this moss-laden rustic architectural grandeur is a sheer bliss for a photographer’s eye.

  • Madikeri Fort was first founded by Muffuraja in the second half of the 17th century. It was again rebuilt in granite by Tipu Sultan who named the site as Jaffarabad. Madikeri Deputy Commissioner’s Office is located inside the Madikeri Fort premises. The church building houses a museum, which contains several items related to history mainly the British rule era.


  • Steal a glimpse of our very own Desi Scotland at Madikeri Sunset View Point

Coorg has time and again been equated to Scotland. Coming to this spot you realise that beauty has only one address and that’s nature. No matter where in world you go, nature never fails to surprise you. For the photography enthusiasts out here; make it to the spot well before the sunset time. This will save you from the crowd barging into your frame. The vast stretches of the pristine grasslands calm your senses.


  • Indulge in some cloud porn at Mandalpatti. Be it some mere brooding or some me-time rendezvous, this mountain peak is all you need. Petrichor and tranquillity and you: isn’t it enough to get you packing your bags right away.

Experience the magic unfolds as the clouds push by you at the peak. Adjacent to the peak is the Pushpagiri Wildlife sanctuary which was unfortunately closed when I had been there. Reaching the peak isn’t as pleasant as the place itself. You cannot get your vehicle beyond a certain point. However, you can hire a jeep from there.

  • On your way back you can soothe your senses with an aromatic cup of Chai from the stalls.
  • Wander in the wilderness in the coffee farms.
    Let nature sing to you the lullaby of the birds and the winds gushing through the forests. Do not miss the early morning walk. Monsoons in the mountains are to be devoured in the mornings when the world is just up and is preparing for the day. That’s when you get to see these heavenly places at their absolute beautiful self.

  • Grab some Coorgie spices. You can visit a spice garden and see where our kitchen condiments come from cardamom, cinnamon, pepper even vanilla. Some facts may leave you totally surprised. You can carry some along. Make sure that you do not get fooled by the shopkeepers; they tend to overcharge the tourists. Avoid buying them from tourist spots and look for a regular shop instead.

Disconnect and let the Wild sink in at Coorg (Kodagu)

Give nature a chance and it shall heal everything! Wisely has someone said, “wilderness is a necessity”.

Bangaloreans are blessed to be living in a city so strategically placed not more than 500kms away from anything that one would need to answer their callings, be it mountains plains or beaches for that matter.

I personally am a mountain person. An incorrigible believer in the power of the mountains, I feel that climbing hills, soaking up the tranquility, letting the clouds brush across my skin is no less than the pilgrimage. If there could be a replacement for human love, it has got to be mountains only.

The western ghats lie at an arm’s reach from Bangalore and conceal the heavenly quaint little district of Kodagu. Coorg (Kodagu) is a cluster of some of Karnataka’s  most beautiful towns. A laid back town here is Madikeri.

To make the most out of Coorg you need two things; time and an unconquered urge to explore. Unearthing a hill station could be daunting but the beauty stuffed into every corner of this place keeps you hooked all the time.

EditKnown for Coffee plantations this place is much more than just a hill station. This place can leave you awestruck with its heavy dose of offbeat from the very moment you approach it.

My favorite travel season is the monsoon irrespective of the place I am going to. Rains coffee and hills; could there be a combination any more pristine 

There is a little piece of Twang in our very own Karnataka. Kushalnagar has a lot of activities for the adventure seekers. You can go rafting and fishing at Dubare.

If you are more like me who just wants to soak up the serenity of nature in the most sparsely explored locations then you must ditch the hotels and book yourself a room in a homestay in the hinterlands. Google maps could come handy in that case. Make your booking well in advance to save yourself from last moment harassment of not being able to find a place to stay 

We were lucky to chance upon Brookstone Villa on MakeMyTrip. Cocooned amidst the vast stretches of coffee estates in the outskirts of Madikeri, this resort is an absolute treat for the nature lovers.

An early morning walk to the neighborhood can treat you with some tranquil time with yourself. You might bump into a couple of coffee pickers and no one else. It’s wilderness at its most beautiful self till your eyes can see. The sun plays hide and seek with the clouds and the sky surprises you with drizzles in bright sunshine.

What a bliss would it be to feel the chilled stream flow under your feet tickling it all the way?

Unwinding is an art in itself. If done right, it can leave you with a whole new perspective towards life.

Coming up is a detailed post about places that are worth your time in Coorg.