Delve into the sassy world of The Wishing Chair

Everyone knows that it’s the small things in life that inspire the most joy. But it’s also a mantra easily forgotten. At The Wishing Chair, our foremost aim is to lend everyone a hand keeping the faith, celebrating small miracles, and smiling as often as one possibly can. Because happy people shine brightest. 

The Wishing Chair 

The facebook posts notifying the opening of The Wishing Chair in Bangalore was a sheer pleasure. Before that, I could only stalk through their amazingly feminine set of collection.

I was introduced to the shop by a friend who had been to the Shahpurjat store in Delhi. Just the shopping bag itself was enough to get me curious about the store. Pretty doodles from Enid Blyton, pastel shades and a dreamy logo got  registered into my head. And few months down the lane there it was; a huge store in my very own Bangalore .

The Bangalore store exhibits a huge array of goodies ranging from storage to stationeries and now even indoor gardening. For a vintage lover like me walking through the store was like Alice falling into the rabbit hole. It took me a great deal of effort to stop myself from buying every random thing out there. That’s how it will be for you as well. The classic blend of vintage with the contemporary pastels are a treat to your eyes and to homes as well. The aesthetics display just the right amount of quirk as much as class.

The store also nests a tiny coffee shop built into the same feminine vintage theme and is called the Mad Tea Pot. Shoppers shop till you drop and refuel with a refreshing cup of latte.

Look what I found there! The very famous cage lamps from ‘Wake up Sid’ the iconic Indian film that brought DIY into fashion apart from waking up a lot of “Sids” . Haven’t we all been fancying these ever since we have  seen the movie?


The best part about this store is, nothing here is priced over the top. You would readily be willing to part with the price amount when you see such whimsical  items. Like I said before you can literally ‘shop till you drop’ without burning a huge hole in your pockets. In case you’re running out of gifting ideas ? This store in the heart of Indira Nagar is where you must rush to.


Book your cab already!
295, 100th Feet Rd,
Hoysala Nagar,
Indiranagar, Near Glen’s Bake House
Karnataka 560038


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