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If you love to travel, eat and experience things a little offbeat, you’ll feel right at home here. You will find travel tips, inspirations and stories that bear out of my experiences.

My name is Pratiksha Mohanty, a 23-year-old with a restless spirit, itchy feet and an unbeatable want to explore. Call me an escapist and wouldn’t utter a single word! Reading, writing, travelling and photographing, I love everything that helps me escape the mundane fatality of the life we lead in today’s world. A hopeless wanderlust and a cat parent of two crazy ones, I love to explore and share. Few years down the lane I wish to make my own DIY camper van and travel the world like a real nomad does (I know I know! Totally inspired by Into the Wild ;))  So this blog is where I share my stories erupting from my wanderlust fantasies.

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